Monday, January 31, 2011

ISP Usage Based Billing is reason to leave Ontario and Canada

The CRTC's decision to allow BCE to protect its television properties and services by forcing all ISPs to charge $1.90 per gb (their cost is under $.01) over 25gb per month rate is a good reason for citizens to abandon Ontario and Canada.  Or perhaps coming back enough only to collect healthcare and old age benefits.

By creating exorbitantly expensive bandwidth consumption rates compared to other first world nations, it deprives Ontarians from the consumption benefits, and choice of services, enjoyed elsewhere.  In addition, it harms innovation and entrepreneurship in information technology industries, severely incentivizing that talent to leave for civilized and developed jurisdictions, and harms virtually all companies that use the internet as part of their business.

By rejecting information technology professionals and enthusiasts from enjoying life in Canada and Ontario, by increasing their internet bills $500-$1000 this year, and easily $2000+ in comming years compared to the benefits that could be enjoyed elsewhere in the world, Ontarians should reject Ontario and possibly Canada for this blatant favoritism to a monopolist.  Those regions of the world almost as great as Ontario to live and work in, surpass it if a $2000+/year comparative cost is included.

I urge the Ontario legislature to pass a monopolist tax of 80% or 90% or 100% on all UBB revenues, so that BCE rethinks its economic necessity.

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  1. Combine this new UBB with the high HST taxes, skyrocketing Hydro rates, the shitload of taxes we pay on already expensive gasoline, and the world's most expensive cell phone rates, and there is no real reason to be anywhere near Ontario anymore. They're literally gouging us to death, and in the middle or a recession at that!